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Twenty-Four Blackbirds - Flight of Truffles 5 pc


Please note our truffles are made with NO preservatives, so the shelf life might be shorter than you're used to. See note below. This 5-piece collection of truffles contains one each of the following: Single Origin Dark Chocolate truffle featuring 75% Organic Dominican chocolate ganache; Espresso Ganache using Santa Barbara's own Low Pigeon’s Dark Stuff espresso blend; Fresh Spearmint Ganache using Farmer's Market spearmint leaves, Lavender Blossom Ganache truffle; and Vanilla Salted Caramel with 100% unsweetened Dominican chocolate shell. Maldon Sea Salt, fresh roasted coffee, and Farmer's Market lavender blossoms and spearmint leaves give these truffles amazingly vibrant and fresh flavors--we dare you to not eat them all in one sitting! Ingredients: 75% Organic Chocolate, Organic Heavy Cream, Butter, Organic Invert Sugar, plus Organic Ground Flavorings Accordingly... Size: 5 piece Pack Size: 10 Shelf Life: 45 Days From Manufacture Date Hand crafted in Santa Barbara, California