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Twenty-Four Blackbirds - 75% Dominican Republic Elvesia bar 1/2 oz


Bean to bar, micro-batch chocolate, hand crafted in Santa Barbara, California Tasting Notes: Malted Milk, Tobacco, Cherry Around 200 years ago, Swiss emigrants settled on the peninsula Samanà, in the Dominican Republic. They founded the plantation “Hacienda Elvesia” and began cultivating Criollo and Trinitario cacao. The plantation is based on the principle of sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature. The hacienda is administered by Ramon Lopez (cultivation) and Marco Lee (fermentation and quality control). Ingredients: Organic Dominican Cocoa Beans, Green Cane Certified Cane Sugar. Bar Size: 1/2 oz / 14g Pack Size: 24 Shelf Life: 1 Year From Manufacture Date Region: Hato Mayor Supplier: Rizek Cacao Importer: ECOM This bar uses organic ingredients, is processed in a gluten-free, nut-free facility, and is vegan friendly. This bar features responsibly sourced single origin cacao and Green Cane certified cane sugar.