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Santa Carota Prime Rib


Holidays are here and it's the perfect time for prime rib to shine! At Larder we offer only the best pasture-raised meats from across California and our latest selection is no exception—Santa Carota Beef. 

Grass-fed and carrot-finished, Angus cattle are raised on grass and given organic carrots while on pasture as opposed to finishing on a feedlot. A high fiber root rich in B12 and beta-carotene, carrots ultimately increase marbling in beef for a more flavorful taste and tender texture. Plus, carrots promote healthy skin and vision while strengthening our immune systems—all without the inflammation that comes from grain, soy, or corn. Free from hormones and antibiotics, you found the more nutritious and delicious choice for your family.

This holiday season we invite you to savor our most tender cut of beef yet.