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Little Apple Treats - Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar


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2021 Good Food Award winner! Apple Balsamic Vinegar is full of intense apple flavor. First, we reduce our fresh apple juice, then slowly ferment into vinegar, then slowly age it for 4 years first in red wine, then white wine, and finally whiskey barrels. A little sweet, a little smoky, this vinegar is perfect in a salad, as a finishing vinegar, or in an apple tart. Try it with sparkling water too--delicious, and sugar free! Please note that we don't use any thickeners or gums--just our organic apples--so this vinegar is a bit thinner than a traditional balsamic. Still fabulous on a salad, crostini, strawberries or ice cream! Packed in a beautiful, deep violet-blue bottle, this looks beautiful on a kitchen counter. A thoughtful gift + pairs beautifully with our Pinot Noir + Apple Cider Vinegar too! Ingredients: Organic Apples Size: 8.5 fl oz