Grass-Fed Corned Beef Brisket

Expect only the best briskets from our 100% grass-fed Hearst Ranch beef. Better than gold at the end of the rainbow, they're brined in a traditional blend of sea salt, mustard seed, dill, coriander, bay leaves and all-spice. 

This box includes: 

One 3-3.5 lb Grass-Fed Corned Beef Brisket

Or double your luck with a double order of Two totaling 6-6.5 lbs

Plus, you'll get a Larder Recipe Card for Corned Beef with Stout & Honey-Mustard Glaze along with the artisanal ingredients you need to make it just right.

  • 2.2 oz jar of Mustard & Co. Whole-Grain Mustard  
  • 2 oz jar of Jacobsen Raw Wildflower Honey