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Burlap & Barrel - Smoked Black Cardamom


Black Cardamom is a smoky, complex spice beloved across South and Central Asia. A larger cousin of cardamom, these pods are pink and purple when fresh, and they turn black as they're smoked over an open fire. The flavor is more resinous and bold than that of its softer, sweeter cousins yellow or green cardamom, and it's at its best in dishes that cook for hours, so its flavor can soften and meld with the other spices (it pairs well with citrus). Our Smoked Black Cardamom is ground for easy use. Sprinkle into stews,lentils and sauces for an irresistible smoky, herbal flavor. If you prefer the camphor flavor to shine, add a pinch to a cold dip or salad dressing. It shines when blended with other spices.