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Burlap & Barrel - Limestone Rosemary


Our piney, aromatic rosemary is grown organically in Provence by a cooperative of partner farmers. It boasts a rich, complex, clean flavor that is the result of both careful farming practices and a superlative terroir. This superlative rosemary is one of the four components of our origin blend Herbes de Provence. Provence is known for its wines, which benefit from the limestone-rich soil, and that same soil nurtures our rosemary. It's harvested in early summer, when the small, verdant needles are cut and dried as they ripen to a brilliant green. We pack it as quickly as possible to preserve the delicate oils that give this herb its signature citrus-peel flavor. Add this terroir-driven rosemary to braises, sauces, stews, rubs, baked chicken and mushroom galettes. Or try it in a white bean soup!