Our Farms




From birth to harvest, Bruce Steele single-handedly cares for his Mangalitsa herd from his home and farm in Buellton, California. 

A heritage breed raised entirely on pasture, Winfield Farm Mangalitsas are never given antibiotics or GMO feed. Instead, pigs enjoy barley with pumpkin and squash grown organically on the farm. All pigs going to market are finished on acorns, walnuts, and almonds (when available)—a diet nearly identical to the famed Spanish “Pata Negra” pigs, renowned for their “Jamon Iberico de Bellota”. 

At Winfield Farm, every animal is given the respect, attention, and individualized care they deserve.


Located on the edge of the Sacramento River, Rancho Llano Seco is home to 6th-generation family farmers and ranchers. 

Inspired by a holistic approach, pigs are not only free from antibiotics and growth hormones, they're also confinement-free with continual access to open pastures.  Exclusively fed GMO-free vegetarian grains and legumes, pigs are cared for with best practices certified by Global Animal Partnership

Joining forces with conservation groups and US Fish & Wildlife, Llano Seco Ranch works to restore native grasslands, wetlands, oak savannas and riparian forests in order to preserve and grow the local diversity of plants and animals.



Family-owned, Five Dot Ranch is passionate about the environment and raising cattle symbiotically with California wildlife and native plants. 

Five Dot Ranch responsibly manages the life cycle of every animal from birth to harvest with a four-season breeding program that synchronizes the nutritional requirements of cows with the forage available in six different counties across Northern California. This sustainable practice ensures cattle can access the best grasses at the most optimal time of year while replenishing California's land and watersheds. 

Five Dot Ranch cattle is 94-97% grass-fed and offers the highest-quality Angus beef available.


The historic Hearst family has raised cattle on California's Central Coast for over 150 years. Ranching responsibly comes naturally with 150,000 acres of sustainable native grasslands. In fact, a conservation agreement signed by the Hearst Corporation, American Land Conservancy, California Rangeland Trust, and the State of California protects and preserves its agricultural productivity and biodiversity in perpetuity.

Hearst Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed and always hormone and antibiotic free, produced from free-ranging and all-natural cattle. You'll find their beef exclusively in our Grass Fed Mixed Box. Exploring the epic sights of Highway 1 in San Simeon?  Be sure to swing by Hearst Ranch Winery to discover the perfect pairing for your Larder box.



Far from ordinary, Pasturebird is all about sustainability. Chickens live on pasture in Murrieta, California with constant access to fresh air and freedom to roam. As nature intended, chickens are given the space to forage for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more. By rotating chickens to fresh pasture daily, Pasturebird chickens rebuild regenerative soils and grasslands as well.

Did you know pasture-raised poultry contains 3x more of the antioxidant Vitamin E, which is known to combat free-radicals in the body and reduce cancer and heart disease risk. Nutritious and delicious, Pasturebird chicken is free from antibiotics. Transparency is incredibly important to their operation and visitors are always welcome to tour the family farm.