We offer free 1-2 day shipping to the Western United States: California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Utah

We offer 2-3 day shipping to the rest of the contiguous United States for a flat $40.

We cannot deliver to PO Boxes. We can deliver to businesses (however, keep in mind that some deliveries may arrive after business hours).

We pack all of our product in biodegradable coolers (wash them down your sink or throw them in your compost!). We also use dry ice to keep everything frozen until you receive it. You don’t need to be home when your box arrives, the meat will stay frozen until you are able to put it in your freezer.

It is unlikely, but it is possible that your order may arrive partially thawed. Meat below 40 degrees is safe to consume and can be refrozen or thawed completely for consumption. If your order is delayed 3 or more days and is over 40 degrees please contact us at info@lardermeatco.com.

We ship all orders every week, Monday through Wednesday (you can choose a specific ship date at checkout). Place your order by Tuesday to get it the same week (otherwise your order will ship the following week).

The box size that is right for your family will depend on how often you cook at home and how many meat eaters you have to feed. As a place to start, the 9-10 lb boxes should be ideal for a family of 2-3, and the 11-15 lb boxes are ideal for a family of 3-5 - assuming you cook meat at home 2-3 nights per week.

Absolutely! You can either login to your account and modify your delivery schedule as needed, or you can reach out to us directly at info@lardermeatco.com.

Yes, you can change your box type whenever you like. We can also adjust the contents of any of our boxes by swapping like items (ground beef for ground pork, steak for chops, etc.).

Generally speaking, if the vacuum seal of the package is not broken, your meat has a shelf life in a refrigerator of about 2 weeks. Once you break the seal, the product should be consumed in 1-4 days (sooner for ground meats, cuts have a longer shelf life). See our cooking & handling tips for more detailed information.

All of the beef we source is humanely raised on California ranches. The cattle spend their entire lives on the same ranch, they are never confined to a feedlot, and are antibiotic & hormone free.

Our pasture raised beef is finished in large grass paddocks for 2-4 months on a nutrient rich diet of grain and alfalfa. These beef are harvested monthly for our program. We then dry age the beef for 15-20 days. The result is all natural beef that is highly marbled.

Our 100% grass-fed beef comes entirely from the Hearst Ranch. The grass on the Hearst ranches is seasonal, reaching its apex of nutritive quality in the late spring and summer, during which time the cattle are finished and harvested. The only solution to providing Hearst Ranch grass fed beef all year requires freezing immediately after this annual harvest. The finished cattle are harvested at their peak, processed, wet aged for 28 days and then frozen to ensure availability until the next season. The result is a lean, nutritious beef that is also very tender.